Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University is one of the biggest medico-logical focuses in Ufa, Russian Federation. UFA is the one of the biggest and most

lovely urban areas in Russia. Bashkir State Medical University is an instructive organization has been preparing understudies since 1932.

Bashkir State Medical University has been authorized by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation to prepare worldwide understudies. Bashkir

State Medical University – one of the main medicinal colleges in Russia, has solid tenth positioned among them. Today this University is a major

logical foundation where central, connected and orderly logical analysts are completed. In the solidarity of logical,

instructive and helpful procedures seen today and the eventual fate of Bashkir State Medical University, and it is trusted that the staff of their

college to adapt to the undertakings of preparing and re-preparing of very qualified therapeutic work force in the advanced world. The Bashkir State Medical

College teams up with the World Health Organization (WHO), has broad logical contacts with numerous remote higher instructive

foundations and University is an individual from the World Health Organization (WHO) and perceived by Medical Council of India (MCI) India, (MMC)

Malaysia, GMC UK and others numerous nations. Understudies from 30 nations of Europe, Asia, Latin America have learned at Bashkir Medical University.

Over this period 2500 general professionals, dental practitioners and peadiatricians have been prepared for outside countries.General Medicine course is educated

in English mechanism of directions completely for the individuals who are great at English. Who have picked English medium MBBS course don’t need to ponder the Russian

dialect. They will be conceded straightforwardly to the main course where medicinal subjects are educated in English.

With 69 divisions, with more than 8 thousand Russian and outside understudies, is pleased to have history of instructing worldwide understudies from the UK, the

USA, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Israel, India, Jordan, Iran, Yemen, Cameroon, Cyprus, China, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria,

Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, and so forth. The workplace of Foreign Students arranges the preparation of outside understudies in BSMU and

is in charge of affirmation, enrollment and dealing with the Preparatory and Russian Language courses. BSMU take part in reciprocal trades of

therapeutic understudies inside the International Federation of Medical Students

Affiliation Program.

Bashkir State Medical University collaborate with numerous outside colleges, facilities, logical and instructive focuses of Germany, China, Norway, USA,

Extraordinary Britain and different nations. Employees and understudies of BSMU take an interest in return projects, gatherings and workshops, perform

looks into together with our universal accomplices.

Understudies Life

Bashkir University has five lodgings which can suit 2000 understudies. inns are level sort i.e. with connected kitchen, latrine and washroom. All

lodgings are all around outfitted and completely air. The fundamental framework is a few understudies in a single room. Web offices accessible in lodgings Students can

get Indian nourishment at the container of the lodging and outside TV channels (Hindi, Tamil and so on.) are likewise accessible. Every one of the inns are all around protected

with police security. Bed cloth is changed once in a week and inn is cleaned once consistently. BSMU sorts out social projects each year in

which understudies from different nations of the world partake. The Indian understudy affiliation observes Indian celebrations like Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi

and so forth consistently. BSMU additionally sorts out competitions like table tennis, International competitions of Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Badminton

and so forth. Bashkir college library has in excess of 500000 books, 85% is the exceptional medicinal writing. Library has 4 particular perusing corridors with

252 seats, neighborhood net and electronic inventory which makes conceivable with an

access to numerous databases.

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Mari State Medical University

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Apply for MBBS Admission in Mari State Medical University, MBBS Admission Process in Mari State Medical University Russia.

Mari State Medical University was established in 1972. College comprises of 6faculties and 5 organizations that train knowledgeable pros for most

divisions of the Russian national economy. Mari State Medical University training staff incorporates around 100 specialists of sciences and teachers and

400 hopefuls of sciences and partner educators. The University grounds involves 7 instructive structures and 8 lobbies of habitation and possesses a

add up to zone of 128 000 m2. Mari State University assumes a key job in preparing qualified masters. Training is completed in 55 territories and 3

specialities. In excess of 8,000 understudies learn at the college. Around 2,500 understudies live in lobbies of habitation. Mari State University is one of

the five author individuals from the International Association of Finno-Ugric colleges, one of the forty-one individuals from Russia’s Association of

Traditional Universities.

The nature of training in Mari State University is practically identical to the European guidelines. MSU pursues the universal educational programs. The

classrooms and labs in MSMU are very much furnished with all the cutting edge framework and innovation. Mari State Medical University is considered

to be the focal point of training and logical research and is recorded in the registries of the world’s real associations like Medical Council of

India, World Health Organization, European Medical Council, UNESCO and the Medical Councils of numerous different nations.

Mari state medicinal college grounds

June 2009 – Mari State University is granted with the gold decoration «European Quality. 100 best colleges of the Russian Federation – 2009», Mari

State University Rector, Dr. Vitaly Makarov is granted with the privileged breastplate «Best minister – 2009» by the Independent Public Council of the

rivalry << European Quality: Gold Medal >>.

In Mari State University there is a powerful input framework which helpsthe college specialists to consider the understudies’ assessments

about imperative basic leadership. Around 100 contracts with future managers have been closed; the University is widening and fortifying

relations with its vital accomplices, for example, “Sberbank of Russia”, the “Akashevo” organization, “Marbiofarm” and others, which gives major

open doors for the activity situation of understudies and alumni of Mari State


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Mari State Medical University, Medicine Faculty

At present the understudies of the Institute of Medicine and Natural Science are prepared in three specialities: General Medicine (MBBS), Pharmacy,

Key and Applied Chemistry and in four branches of knowledge prompting abachelor’s certificate: Chemistry, Ecology and Use of Natural Resources,

Science, Pedagogical Education (Biology).Mari state college classrooms

The instructing staff of Mari State University comprises of profoundly gifted experts: 8 Doctors of Sciences and full teachers, Candidates of

Sciences and Associate Professors. This clarifies the expansive measure of state-financed inquire about completed at the Institute. Understudies of all

specialities take a functioning part in logical research. The most gifted alumni inspired by research take a post-graduate course at Mari State

Restorative University, at the organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Altai State Medical University

Altai State Medical University (AGMU) is one of the main medicinal colleges of Russia in West Siberian part, directing high caliber

medicinal preparing. Altai State Medical University is found the south east of Russia in Barnaul city, the capital of Altai Krai. For a long time the

Altai State Medical University has been a supply of qualified masters motor for territorial social insurance framework. 25 thousand specialists and

pharmaceutics have moved on from the college, which work in the Altai locale, in the Republics of Altai and Tuva, in nations close and far

abroad. 90% of specialists and pharmaceutics in the Altai locale are the AGMU

graduated class.

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Barnaul City, Altai Region, Russia

Altai State Medical University is managed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as per the pronouncement of the Russian

Government. It is one of the real centers for research, instruction and social trade. Global people group in the college shares their

social legacy with one another and subsequently embraces each other’s way of life. The University has delivered in excess of 30 thousand alumni. There are more

than 4000 understudies considering yearly at AGMU. A large portion of the understudies are from Russian Federation with around 350 worldwide understudies.

Altai State Medical University – an extraordinary all encompassing body that unites specialists both based on expert correspondence, and on

the premise of normal interests and side interests. Our college ingested the experience and accomplishments of the understudies of various ages. Society

alumni of all ages Altai Medical University – unbreakable fellowship.

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Universal Educational Activities

Altai State Medical University started tolerating remote understudies in 1991. In February 1994, the staff of outside understudies has been composed. The

workforce completes planning of remote understudies in the claims to fame: “General Medicine”, “drug store”, “pediatrics”, “Dentistry”. For a long time on

the workforce got a claim to fame outside nationals from Syria, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Cameroon.

In 2001, the Department rearranged into the office to work with outsiders. Today, the college has around 1000 remote nationals from

remote nations: Syria, Israel, India, Palestine, Jordan, China, Mongolia, Morocco, Afghanistan, and in addition nationals neighboring nations:

Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan.

Science and Innovation: Innovative logical advancement is a need action of the college. The longing of the college to meet current

patterns of the state arrangement in the field of development in science and innovation is the premise of fruitful execution of logical undertakings

ASMU researchers. Altai State Medical University is effectively associated with the usage of imaginative ventures in the field of essential and clinical

examine. ASMU researchers activities get the merited acknowledgment at the government and worldwide dimensions. An impression of the polished methodology

of the logical staff of the University is the high level of trust with respect to government clients and speculators in imaginative logical

explore. Improvement of the asset base and the noteworthy capability of research ventures characterize the vector of advancement of the cutting edge college.

General drug personnel of Altai state restorative college was established in 1954 and from that point forward it has developed to wind up one of the biggest medicinal

resources in the Russian Federation. In 2014, the medication workforce of Altai state medicinal college, praised its 60th commemoration. Presently, about

90% of doctors in the Altai district are graduates ASMU, specifically – the medicinal personnel. Alumni of the personnel complete proficient

movement in the human services establishments of different types of ownership,health specialists, proficient and instructive organizations, look into

establishments, organizations of social insurance, and so forth. Our alumni effectively work in numerous locales of Russia and abroad in more than 15

nations around the globe. – Germany, Israel, USA, Canada, Syria, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa and CIS. The personnel graduates work in

different medicinal services foundations, in human services the executives, restorative instructive organizations, inquire about establishments and social administrations.

Alumni of the personnel get a General Practitioner capability, which is adequate for treating young people (age 15– 18) and grown-ups (more than 18).

Residency preparing enables the alumni to get the capability of a restricted master: a specialist, an obstetrician-gynecologist, nervous system specialist,

therapist, and others.

Pediatrics: Founded in 1966, the staff prepares profoundly qualified faculty to work with youngsters. There are around 1000 understudies who get

broad preparing not just in clinical divisions which have practical experience in kids medicinal services however they additionally prepared to analyze, treat and keep some grown-up infections. Such a program permits to prepare profoundly qualified masters with multifold vocation openings.

Dentistry: The staff was established in 1990 and now there are roughly 800 understudies there. The preparation is centered around rehearsing the fundamental

proficient aptitudes in dental consideration. There are unique apparition classes and present day Altai Medical University dental center. The alumni get a

capability of a Dental Practitioner. Residency preparing enables the alumni to get the capability of a thin pro: a specialist

dental specialist, a dental orthopedist, a periodontist, an orthodontist and a pediatric dental specialist.

Drug store: Founded in 1975, the workforce trains masters for prescription assembling and deals. The workforce graduates have progressed toward becoming co-proprietors and

supervisors of pharmaceutical ventures, look into specialists and teachers of restorative colleges.

There are around 700 understudies at the staff. The alumni of the workforce are in extraordinary interest because of the development of medication generation and the extension of pharmaceutical deals arrange.

Belgorod State University

Belgorod State University: One of the main Universities of Russia, furnishing Best instruction to 30000 understudy’s with the broad scholarly

structure of 20 resources and 1 establishment. College giving broad scope of Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs in English with superb

showing system and all around resourced showing gear’s Along with wonderful Education Curriculum. Belgorod State University presently has 10

courses including drug and International Business in which global understudies have the choice of concentrate in Mbbs in English.

Right now, BSU has more than 850 outside understudies from 67 nations over the world, more than 150 understudies from India to seek after drug in English at the

medicinal school of Belgorod. Outside understudies have been considering in this college since 1980 and deservedly the college has a decent

notoriety and is positioned high among higher instructive establishments over the world. BSU is giving all understudies remarkable chances

for Sport and Recreation.In a recent report crosswise over 103 state funded colleges in Russia. Medicinal school of Belgorod State University was positioned among the

30 best restorative colleges in Russia. Today, the college is a universal socio-social base. The grounds unites four residences obliging more than 3000 understudies from different nations. Every outside understudy live in agreeable quarters and they approach

move and wellness focuses, chess club and understudy’s bistro. Belgorod State National Research University was positioned 30th among 103 Russian state

colleges and around 500 branches, taking part in the rating. Belgorod State University Russia – Medical Courses RussiaBelgorod State University Russia – Medical MBBS Courses Russia

These days the National Research University Belgorod State University


– 32 thousand understudies from 85 locales of Russia;

– 1800 global understudies from 76 nations of the World;

– 580 post-graduate understudies;

– 1800 instructors, among them: 1 State prize-victors, 200 Doctors of Sciences, 800 Candidate of Sciences; 21 resources 90 offices

– 110 fields of study, including 22 fields of Bachelors preparing and 27 fields of Masters preparing 61 fields of postgraduate and doctorate ponder 36 fields of principal and connected research

– Bachelor’s and Master’s qualification programs in English medium;

– 2 branches Medical school 14 (counting 1 provincial) Doctoral Councils

– 39 logical focuses and labs

– Over 4,000 PCs (BelSU, 2 branches and Medical College). There is 1 PC for every four full-time understudies;

– 72 PC classrooms (BelSU, 2 branches and Medical College);

– 8 instructive logical development edifices 12 Student’s groups of beginner exhibitions Scientific library and 7 perusing lobbies 17 consider


– 4 residences, 18 refreshment rooms, 6 containers, 4 understudy’s bistros Saint Gabriel’s Church Publishing house Chemist’s Natural park «Nezhegol» with diversion complex

7 exhibition halls (history of the college; criminalistics; zoological; Judicial-restorative examination; verifiable, academic and global resources historical centers) Clinic of therapeutic preventive prescription

The Institute of post-recognition therapeutic training Center for Family Health Care The Youth Cultural Center

The Youth touristic social and-sports complex Svetlana Khorkina’s games complex

Belgorod State University

In may 2009 the consequences of open particular rivalry of fundamental Institutions of Higher Education in Russia that make up Shanghai Cooperation

Association (SCO) University were summed up in the Ministry of Education and Science. Rivalry panel picked the Belgorod State University as

one of the three fundamental Institutions of Higher Education, where understudies from SCO nations will ace the field of Nanotechnology. The SCO

College fills in as arrangement of effectively existent colleges in SCO-part nations (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Republic of Kirghizia),

what’s more, in onlooker nations (Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan). Being the SCO University part opened prospects of scholarly portability improvement.

Belgorod State University April 2010 the Belgorod State University was conceded the Research University status among 15 noteworthy Russian colleges.

The new status makes extraordinary conditions for improvement. The triumph in the opposition demonstrates the affirmation on the government level that Belgorod

State University can not just put two-level arrangement of staff preparing for high-innovation and connected inquires about into training yet additionally give

successful innovation move in economy of Russia. Scholastic year The scholarly year begins on the first of September and finishes toward the finish of June.

It is isolated into pre-winter and spring semesters.


The Volgograd State Medical UniversityVolgograd State Medical University Russia situated in VOLGOGRAD, established in 1935 and began as Stalingrad

Medicinal Institute . In 1993 it got the status of the Academy, and in 2003 it was conceded the status of the University. It is as of now headed by the

unmistakable Russian researcher, Academician of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences, Professor Vladimir I. Petrov. The Volgograd State Medical

college is recorded in The World Directory of Medical Schools WHO rundown of world medicinal schools and furthermore in the International Medical training

registry given by FAIMER therefore is perceived by MCI India. The Volgograd State Medical University has developed connections and ties with a

various outside colleges. Volgograd medicinal University has additionally been working together with the World Federation for Medical Education, World Health

Association (WHO), UNESCO, British Council, United States Agency for International Development.

Volgograd State Medical University increased high position among the Russian medicinal universities

Since it was established, the University has pulled in

profoundly qualified staff with understanding of educating in numerous areas of the world. These days the training staff of the University numbers 763 exceptionally

qualified teachers and educators with 11 academicians, 96 educators and 401 partner educators among them. The vast majority of them have Ph.D.s or more

progressed degrees.The scholarly projects are controlled by 66 divisions of the University. At present around 5000 subjects of Russia and nations of the

previous Soviet Union and 900 worldwide understudies from India and 70 other outside nations go to the University. Around 70 abroad specialists are

occupied with postgraduate investigation at the University consistently. The Volgograd medicinal college has been preparing worldwide understudies since 1962.

Over this period 3000 doctors, dental practitioners, pediatricians and drug specialists have been prepared for remote nations.

Volgograd city Russia

MBBS in Volgograd, Russia

Since 2000 the Volgograd State Medical University has a chance to instruct MBBS program to remote understudies in the English medium. Understudies from

70 nations of Europe, Asia, Latin America have learned at our Academy. Over this period 2500 general professionals, dental specialists and pediatricians

have been prepared for outside nations. Admission to MBBS in Volgo gradstate restorative college is based on first started things out served.The

college is known to have a quality training and low charge structure. Yearly charge for MBBS in volgograd state medicinal college is 5600 US$ per

year (english medium) and 3000 US$ for Russian Medium. Living expense for worldwide understudies considering MBBS in Volgograd have been evaluated at

US$ 100 to US$ 120 every month which incorporates nourishment, correspondence and travelexpenses. Scholarly year begins from first day of September every year and

this year is isolated into two semesters. Term of MBBS Course is of six years. Post graduate courses are of term three years.After

finishing of the undergrad program understudies are granted MD degree, which is identical to MBBS granted by the Indian schools.

Volgograd Medical Colleges and Departments:

– Volgograd State Medical University

– College of General Medicine (MBBS)

– College of Dentistry

– College of Pediatrics

– College of Pharmacy

– College of Medical Biochemistry

– College of Social Work and Clinical Psychology

– Department for International Students

– College for Postgraduate and Continuous Education

College Hostels:

Volgograd Medical University has 7 understudy lodgings. There is discrete convenience for young men and young ladies for Indian students,University inns

offer shared and private rooms. In both cases,Volgograd Medical college lodging rooms you can by and large depend on around 9 square meters of individual

space outfitted with a bed, table, and bureau. In the dormitory or adjacent there are additionally for the most part cafeterias, lunch rooms, and additionally bistros. The grounds in

Wi-Fi empowered and understudies can profit free web. Understudy life at the

Volgograd State Medical University and furthermore the City of Volgograd itself is cordial has various intriguing potential outcomes, and can be very

enjoyable.The University urges understudies to praise their national festivals.Spectacular exhibitions with people melodies and moves which are

some portion of such festival are appreciated by the two understudies and scholastic staff.

Kazan State Medical University

The Kazan State Medical University is situated in the focal piece of city Kazan, Russia. Kazan State Medical University is a standout amongst the most famous,

Medicinal Universities in Russia from where a huge number of Indians have graduated in past. Kazan State Medical University is a multifunctional and

multileveled state establishment of advanced education in prescription. The Kazan State Medical University works based on self-administration and

has a place with the arrangement of advanced education and logical research of theministry of Health of Russia.The University gets ready superb specialists in

different fields of prescription. Kazan State Medical University holds sixteenth place among medicinal schools of the Russian Federation. As indicated by the

renowned Academic Ranking of World Universities-European Standard ARES-2014, distributed by European Scientific-Industrial Chamber, Kazan State

Restorative University has acquired the third place among Medical Universities in the Russian Federation. Universal understudies from every one of the sides of

the world come to get restorative instruction at Kazan State Medical University, as the University offers its administrations to the understudies all things considered

also, religions. Kazan State Medical University has prepared in excess of 24000 understudies, including outside understudies from 49 nations. The degrees

gotten at Kazan State Medical University is perceived by World HealthOrganization (WHO) and can be seen in the World Directory of Medical

Schools. It is likewise perceived by the Medical board of India. Kazan state medicinal University had initiated English-medium courses in 1996. All the

addresses, functional, lab ponders, courses, tests, examinations, state examinations for English medium are directed in English dialect.

Russian Language is likewise incorporated into English mode of instruction as a mandatory discipline.Visit of Mr. P.S.Raghavan Indian Ambassador to Kazan

State Medical University .


– Faculty of General Medicine

– Faculty of Pediatrics

– Faculty of Dentistry

– Faculty of Pharmacy

– Faculty of Preventive Medicine

– Faculty of Nursing


Clinical preparing is performed at 54 units of the Ministry of Health of the Republic Tatarstan.There are 33 general doctor’s facilities, outpatients offices,

21 polyclinics, maternity doctor’s facilities, dental polyclinics, and so on. The aggregate number of beds is around 9000. There are roughly 4500 remedial,

2120 — pediatric, 1500 — careful and 440 — gynecological beds. The fundamental center point of clinical preparing is the Republican Clinical Hospital. Different focuses

for clinical preparing incorporate, Hospital of crisis care, City doctor’s facility No. 18 and Interregional Clinical Diagnostic Center.

KSMU dental polyclinic has 98 dental seats. Republican and 8 downtown areas of open medicinal services with the particular divisions and research centers are

utilized for educating and preparing the understudies of prophylactic prescription workforce. Pharmaceutical workforce utilizes for preparing its understudies 65

drug stores with the research facilities in Republic Tatarstan, 18 drug stores in Chuvashia and some business pharmaceutical units.

Kazan state Medical University has 6 lodgings for understudies. Understudies are offered various types of rooms, which may vary in size. Generally speaking, two

or on the other hand three understudies can share the room. Every one of the rooms are agreeable, completely outfitted and very much warmed. The rooms are given the Internet get to,

Television and phone. Offices for understudies are composed on the sharing premise, these are: restrooms and kitchens. There are unique zones for

understudies where they can mingle and meet new companions. Every one of the understudies’ lodgings are under security of the police amid 24 hours. Lodgings are

closely arranged to the University.

At Kazan State Medical University incredible consideration is paid to understudies’ life. The University empowers those understudies, who take a functioning part in

a wide assortment of athletic projects. Amid the occasions, the understudies are offered to unwind in the camp “Doctor”, which is situated in the woods on the

banks of the Volga River. Understudies can likewise take an interest in all year diversion, including football, tennis, ball, swimming in summer, or

skiing and skating in winter.

Voronezh State Medical University

Voronezh State Medical University is known as one of the nation’s driving exploration and showing focuses with a sum of around 5,000 understudies. It is

one of the most seasoned instructive foundations of Russia. In 1930, its medicalfaculty turned into an autonomous medicinal foundation, which accomplished its institute

status in 1994. The University has demonstrated its value as a scholastic foundation giving superb training and leading progressed

logical research in Medicine, Biology, and Pharmacy. The nature of its execution is reflected in the rating scale, as per which the

college is incorporated into the main ten medicinal schools of Russia. Since its establishment, it has arranged in excess of 40 thousand medicinal pros,

counting outside understudies from 56 nations of Europe, Asia and Africa. The Founder of the University is the RF(Russian Federation) Government. The

Author’s forces and abilities have a place with the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. The University has a never-ending permit for

instructive movement and the state accreditation. The University does its exercises based on the Statute. Therapeutic degrees got at

Voronezh State Medical Academy are perceived Globally. The Academy is recorded in the World Directory of Medical Schools, ninth Edition, distributed by

the World Health Organization.

Voronezh State Medical University

In excess of 800 staff individuals including 149 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 91 educators, and 525 PhD in Medical Sciences are associated with instructing and

logical work at 78 divisions of the Voronezh State Medical University.The clinical base of the institute comprises of 29 Affiliated healing centers and a

system of polyclinics, where therapeutic understudies gain introduction and commonsense

abilities. Every year the individuals from 39 facility office complete over 1,30,000 meetings, perform in excess of 12,000 medical procedures, acquaint with training 90 – 110 new pursuit strategies, 120 – 150 treatment techniques, and more than 30 preventive techniques.

VSMU’s libraries have more than 5,00,000 duplicates of books. Every understudy represents more than 180 duplicates of educational cost writing yearly. VSMU StudentsStudents of medicinal workforce.

Voronezh State restorative University global understudies are offered preparing in the accompanying projects: «General Medicine»,«Pediatrics»,

«Dentistry» and «Pharmacy». The University has instructed 1500 authorities from 28 nations of the World. This incorporates 875 remote understudies acquiring

their MD capability. Among them there are 143 understudies moving on from the Academy’s Preparatory Department; 614 understudies were granted MD Diplomas

furthermore, 206 were qualified as Pharmacists. There are 84 residency course graduates and 14 postgraduate understudies protecting their PhD postulations.

Outside understudies are instructed in English Language since 2002 forward, Teaching methodsA extraordinary assortment of encouraging structures and techniques are utilized:

Customary types of instructing: addresses, courses, functional classes and doctor’s facility clerkship.

Present day showing strategies and procedures: PC and Internet classes, issue based instructing, video-based classes, training programming. Elective coursesSelf-educational cost is supported

Worldwide understudies profit by concentrate in little gathering; they are allocated a gathering mentor. This is an individual who pursues understudy scholarly

advance, aids instance of any close to home issues, orchestrates standard gatherings during a time to handle any issue understudies confront.

English-talking understudies may think about in the General Medicine Program with English as a dialect of guidance with simultaneous investigation of the Russian

Dialect. For the initial three years, they examine the Russian Language alongside pre-clinical sciences; from the fourth year of study, Russian is the main

dialect of guidance.

Voronezh has developed to wind up an understudy city – about 30 higher instructive organizations with an aggregate of 74 thousand understudies are situated here. With

various shops, commercial centers, bistros, eateries and bars Voronezh is additionally a decent place for entertainment only and diversion. Voronezh has its own particular style

furthermore, well disposed affable individuals, which guarantees that living and concentrate here is interesting and profoundly agreeable for everybody. Worldwide understudies are ensured a place in one of the University’s understudy inns. The lodging for worldwide understudies is situated in the simple focal point of the city in nearness to the University’s principle building. The inn convenience costs begin from 500 USD every year.

Scholastics Faculties

– Faculty of general medication (MBBS)

– Faculty of Dentistry-(BDS

– Faculty of Pediatrics-(MBBS. Peds.)

– Faculty of Pharmacy-(B.Pharm.)

– Faculty of Advanced Nursing – (Msc. Nursing)

– Faculty of Post Graduate Studies-(MD,MS)

– Preparatory staff (Language course)

Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky is the organization of higher medicinal training arranged in Simferopol, Russia .

As per some free estimations it is a standout amongst other therapeutic schools of Russia. The historical backdrop of Crimea Medical University goes back to

the beginning of the 21st century. Prior it was alluded to as therapeutic personnel of Taurida University in year 1918. In 1931 the establishment was

isolated and began working as independent unit – Crimea Medical Institute. In year 1995, to pay tribute to Sergey Ivanovich Georgievsky (minister

of the foundation in 1951-1970) it was named CRIMEA STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY. In 1998 the higher school was changed into college with

the fourth (most astounding) accreditation level. College Today

Involving a main position in therapeutic advanced education over the Europe, the Crimea state Medical University is carried out to giving its worldwide

intensity. It will keep on expanding its allure for extraordinary global researchers and understudies and to grow its worldwide systems so as to give both junior scientists and senior workforce with the most ideal open doors for further capability and progression. These days The Crimea Medical University gives medicinal training up to the most recent information and most elevated world instructive gauges. In a similar time the University continues overhauling the showing techniques towards worldwide patterns in therapeutic instruction and research. Crimea Medical University has been an inside for scholastic and professional therapeutic training and restorative science in Crimea and in the meantime offered concentrated course in the field of General Medicine and Pharmacy.

About 4.7 thousand understudies learn at the Crimea State Medical Universitynamed after S. I. Georgievsky, including 1.7 thousand remote subjects from

40 nations of the world. Since 1999 English has been the second dialect of guidance, which makes CSMU appealing for outside natives coming

here to consider.

Global Faculty at Crimea State Medical University appreciates an outstanding national and worldwide notoriety in instructing, explore,

scholarly administration and associations. The University’s undertakings mirror its estimations of scholastic perfection, assorted variety, value, human rights, social

equity and responsiveness to the populace wellbeing needs. The 500 full time scholastics in the University are from various disciplinary foundations that extend from the social to the bio-therapeutic sciences, upgrading multi-disciplinary methodologies basic for general medication and general wellbeing. Scholastic exercises are additionally bolstered by in excess of 100 privileged staff individuals.

College Rankings and notoriety

Crimea State Medical University is positioned at 13,572 out of 20,000 colleges on the planet by the Webometrics world college positioning and positioned at 8204 out of 11,000 colleges on the planet by 4icu world

college positioning.

The nearness

Crimea State Medical University is a noticeable logical and medicinal focus of Crimea. In excess of 50 logical subjects are being done here, about 5– 10 doctoral and 25– 30 ace’s theories are being protected yearly. The college takes an interest in 16 worldwide research programs and distributes a few logical periodicals. The aggregate sum of understudies is around 4700 (1700 understudies are outside subjects, who ponder in English).

St. Petersburg State Medical University

St. Petersburg State Medical University Russia.The Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University was established in September 14 (26)

1897 as the Medical Institute for Women. It was the primary organization bot in Russia and Europe that gave a chance to ladies to secure

higher medicinal training. Institute has turned out to be one of the main therapeutic focus in the nation. Since the initiation, it has received, as its principle

rule, a novel showing procedure, which depends on blend of the best Russian medicinal instructive conventions with techniques for Western

Instruction System. The present name, St Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University, was given to our University in 1994 by the choice of the

Administration of the Russian Federation. The University contributes impressively to advancement of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services in

Russia and it is perceived in the World as a major community for preparing masters in different restorative areas.Pavlov First St. Petersburg State

Restorative University is the main higher therapeutic school in the city that has a polyclinic appended to the University. Year 2010 saw the 175th commemoration

of the establishing of the polyclinic.

Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University is a home to the

following Institute and Research Centers:

1. Nephrology Research Institute

2. Research Institute of Pulmonology

3. Raisa Gorbacheva Memorial Research Institute of Children Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation

4. Maxillo-facial Surgery and Dentistry Research Institute

5. Valdman Institute of Pharmacology

6. Heart and Vascular Research Institute

Research Centers:

– Scientific Research Center

– Center Medicine

– Regional Research Center of Narcology and Psychopharmacology

– Scientific and Methodological Center for Molecular MedicineRussian Federation

– Center of early periods of clinical preliminaries

– St Petersburg State Medical Academy

The Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, Russia

College from different nations around the globe, which underscores the Academy’s brilliant notoriety. Holy person Petersburg State Medical Academy’s

arrangements accommodate parallel chance and governmental policy regarding minorities in society in business and admission to all projects of the Academy. The Academy graduates are

looked for by managers wherever for their insight and notoriety as trailblazers, pioneers, and cooperative people. I wish Academy could be a beginning

point for a testing callings and esteemed transporter of a restorative specialist.

St Petersburg State Medical Academy | Medical Study in Russia 2016-17

The SPSMU has a long and glad custom of teaching Russian and worldwide understudies. In excess of 35,000 doctors moved on from the

Institute. Since starting the worldwide program in 1947 there have been in excess of 3500 universal alumni from in excess of 50 nations.

At present there is an aggregate understudy populace of more than 5,000. The instructive projects of the fundamental resources of Saint-Petersburg Pavlov

Medicinal University depend on state instructive guidelines, worked out by Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation.

The instructive projects (both for Russian and Foreign subjects) include: – Medicine – multi year instructive program; Qualification – Physician

(Specialitat, MD); for remote natives MEDICINE program is accessible both


– Dentistry – multi year instructive program; Qualification – Physician in Stomatology (Specialitat, MD)

– Pediatrics – multi year instructive program; Qualification – Physician in Pediatrics (Specialitat, MD)

– Adaptive Physical Education Culture – *** year training program; capability – ***

– Faculty of Clinical Psychology – *** year instructive program; capability – ***

– Higher Education Nursing School – *** year instructive program; capability – Manager ***

Preparing for Medicine, Dentistry and Pediatrics programs contains preclinical period (1-3 years) with fundamental, premedical and early on

restorative controls, and clinical preparing (4-6 years; for Dentristry – since spring semester of the 3rdyear till fifth year). Essential and premedical

course incorporates the theoretic premise of restorative specialities (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Microbiology,

Natural chemistry, Informatics, Pathological Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Hygiene).


Restorative Institute n.a. Chkalov (presently «The Orenburg State Medical Academy») was set up in 1944. classes started at the Department of restorative

claim to fame (4 course years). Official originators of the Institute square measure contemplated to be Lazarenko F.M., anatomist, educator; Olifson

L.E., scientific expert, prof; Silantyev A.K, relate teacher, specialist; the essential executive of the Institute was Fetisov N.V., specialist dental practitioner.

Bureau of pediatric medication was opened in 1970, a logical research lab was opened for investigation of instruments of common framework.

Specialists Improvement school was opened (presently it’s alluded to as Department of post-graduate training for experts), understudy’s lodging ? three and

bottle were in-fabricated 1985. The foundation proceeding with its improvement in 1990-s, new offices, similar to Department of upper restorative consideration and

Division of preventive consideration, were opened. The Orenburg State Medical Academy opened three new divisions in 2002 (Dental, Pharmaceutical,

Division of clinical brain science) and have improved as a foundation with eight offices.

Nowadays 555 individuals from logical and staff chip away at the Academy, there square measure ninety three Doctors of drug and 298 Associates of

prescription among them. The Academy joins eight offices inside the accompanying bearings: medicinal forte, Pediatrics, Preventive consideration,

psychotherapy, Dentistry, Pharmacy, therapeutic consideration and Department of post-graduate training for authorities, 56 seats, primer courses for

coming into the Academy, entry level position, residency, post-graduate instructing and better scholarly degree, four proposition advisory groups, logical and inventive

focal point of examination coordination, the facility, the research center of computerized instructional advances, instructional reproduction focus and diverse auxiliary subdivisions.

MBBS in Orenburg State Medical AcademyBasics of the body and in this way the working of the body, the basics of Pathology and so on.

Staff understudies comprehend inside the dividers of the 3 hypothetical structures of Academy, advise with the infection, and subsequently the underlying advances

inside the treatment of patients at the most essential healing center inside the town and along these lines the area. Here understudies get their underlying restorative aptitude and take in the accomplishments of late drug.

About Orenburg City

orenburg-state-therapeutic institute 3Orenburg (in the past Chkalov) town, capital of Orenburg district, As of 2012, 570.3 thousand people board Orenburg, urban

populace equivalents to 554.7 thousand people, country populace is 15.6 thousand people (Orenburg is that the twenty eighth most occupied town in

Russia. Town lies on the stream Ural (Yaik) by Sakmara stream outlet into it. Orenburg is settled 1400 km toward the East of Russian capital, it

lies completely in Europe. Add up to space of town is 259 It is a critical rail intersection wherever the Trans-Caspian RR, the Central Asian RR, and along these lines the Samara-Orenburg line meet. situated in 1735 as a barrier, Orenburg opposed (1773-74) an encompassing by Pugachev. It turned into a center for Russian exchange with Republic of Kazakhstan and focal Asia. it had been alluded to as Chkalov from 1938 to 1957. The atmosphere in Orenburg is to a great degree mainland. The late spring is hot and dry: the normal temperature amid the day is over 15 degrees for 5 months every year; the winter is modestly cold,maximum snow cover is seen in February (23 cm). In summer the temperature can raise up to 40 degrees

C, now and then it tumbles down to 5 degrees C. In winter the climate fluctuates from light to overwhelming ice, there are once in a while light defrosts or extreme ices up to 20 degrees underneath zero.

Smolensk State Medical University

Smolensk State Medical University, Smolensk State Medical Academy, MBBS Admission in Smolensk State Medical University, MBBS Fee Structure of

Smolensk State Medical University, Direct Admission in Smolensk State Medical University Russia, Apply for MBBS Admission in Smolensk State

Medicinal University, How to Get Direct Admission in MBBS in Smolensk State Medical University Russia, Study MBBSin Smolensk State Medical University”

Smolensk State Medical University (previous Academy) was set up in 1920, is one of best Medical Universities of Russia, situated in the Smolensk city, 360 kilometers (220 mi) west-southwest of Moscow. The Smolensk State Medical Academy is a completely authorized higher school and is a focal point of medicinal instruction and science. The SSMA is one of the pioneers in specialists’ preparation, restorative research, therapeudic and preventive exercises. It trains medicinal and pharmaceutical masters for different locales of Russia and additionally for various abroad nations.

The Smolensk State Medical Academy has 65 Departments situated in the grounds and based on the main medicinal services units of the town.

450 educators and teachers work at the Academy including 92 Doctors of Medicine (MD) and 281 Candidates of Sciences (PhD).

Understudies are prepared in General Medicine, Dentistry, Children’s Diseases, Pharmacology and Nursing. Specific consideration is paid to the understudies’

preparing and association of the preparation procedure. To enhance the nature of the understudies’ preparation the Principle Methodical Council, the Department

of Education and Management have been set up. The Smolensk State Medical Academy is gone for actualizing a la mode techniques for preparing, more

dynamic utilization of present day data methods in the instructive and self-training process. Training healing facilities of the SSMA are given

cutting-edge hardware to analyze and treat different illnesses. Dynamic contribution of medicinal understudies into the procedure gives understudies a decent opportunity to learn progressed About Smolensk State Medical University

1. The Smolensk State Medical Academy was established in 1920.

2. The Smolensk State Medical Academy is an administration medicinal school perceived by WHO and all nations of the world including USA, UK and


3. In the worldwide rating the Smolensk State Medical Academy is set on the 22nd position.

4. Today the President of the Smolensk State Medical Academy is Professor V.G.Pleshkov.

5. Today the Chancellor of the Smolensk State Medical Academy is Dr. I.V. Otvagin.

6. Understudies from all the more then 50 nations contemplate here: from India, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sri Lanka and different nations of African, Asian and South American landmasses.

7. For outside understudies instruction is completed in English medium.

8. The quantity of seats in personnel of Medicine every year is 1000, out of which 150 seats are saved for remote understudies.

9. There are 65 divisions, where 450 exceptionally qualified educators are working.

10. All the above resources and divisions are very much outfitted with Electronic Microscopes, Bio-Chemical Laboratories, Radio-Isotope

Research facilities and address lobbies furnished with Tele-video and mixed media contraptions.

11. There are 31 healing centers working under the Smolensk State Medical Academy out of them 8 clinics with around 6000 beds are utilized for instruction of understudies.

12. Today this Academy is a major logical foundation where basic, connected and systematic logical explores are done.

Smolensk State Medical Academy Faculties:

– Faculty of General Medicine

– Faculty of Dentistry

– Faculty of Pediatrics

– Faculty for Foreign Students

– Faculty of Pharmaceutics

– Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Social Work

– Faculty of Post Graduate Studies

– Faculty of Higher Nursing

Smolensk University Campus and Hostels:

The Smolensk State Medical Academy is built in a grounds framework i.e. instructive structures, library, mess, lodgings, sport buildings, play

ground, social buildings and park are arranged in one grounds. The Smolensk State Medical Academy has its own security observation framework

with its own commando watches for the wellbeing of its understudies and grounds There are 4 inns, which can oblige in excess of 2000 understudies. All the

lodgings are level sort i.e. with joined washroom, can and kitchen. The lodgings are halfway warmed. The lodgings are completely outfitted. The fundamental

framework is two understudies in a single room. Separate courses of action for young men and young ladies.

Orel State University

Orel State University was established in 1931 as a mechanical Pedagogical Institute , which is on September 11, 1996 renamed into the Orel State

College. Orel State University is situated in the city OREL, remove among Moscow and Orel is 325 kilometers.

Orel State University is one of a kind in numerous angles. Orel State University is the main traditional college who is the individual from the Association of established colleges of the Russian Federation and the main instructive foundation in the district which give preparing on an extensive variety of zones and claims to fame of higher and postgraduate instruction, preparing, retraining. Orel State University is the main organization that gives experts in the zone of most altruistic callings like specialists and instructors. Right now, Orel State University actualizes 110 essential instructive projects of advanced education in substantial gatherings of 14 preparing zones and specialties.Orel Medical College Students Today the college is the successor of the best custom of Russian therapeutic instruction. At present the Orel Medical foundation has 17 division, which utilize in excess of 100 full-time teachers,of whom in excess of 30 Doctors Professors, 77 relate educators 3 Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, 8 Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, 12 academicians and 11 comparing individuals from different open


Clinical bases of the Institute are driving therapeutic analytic and Medical establishments of the city of Orel and Orel Region: Regional Hospital,

Youngsters’ Regional Hospital, City Emergency Hospital named after NA Semashko, the Regional Perinatal Center, Regional TB Dispensary, Botkin

City Maternity Hospital, Regional Cancer Center, Regional TB Dispensary, Regional Skin and Venereal Diseases Hospital, facility and Pharmacies in City of Orel.


– Faculty of Medicine (therapeutic establishment of Orel State University)

– Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

– Faculty of Philosophy

– Faculty of Technology Entrepreneurship and Service

– Faculty of Philology

– Faculty of History

– Faculty of Law

– Faculty of Economics and Management

– Faculty of Science

– Faculty of Foreign Languages

– Graphic Arts

– Faculty of Pedagogical Education

– Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

– Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Social Work

– Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

– Preparatory Faculty

– Faculty of retraining and propelled preparing

– Faculty of Esthetic Education


The library is a point of convergence of concentrate in any instructive foundation. OSU’s libraries have more than 8, 00,000 duplicates of books. Every understudy represents

more than 240 duplicates of educational cost writing every year. The library offers a lovely domain in which to ponder and with broad opening hours

that incorporate night and Sundays. All Books are without given of expense to all understudies contemplating in English medium course . Simple access to PCs

is a basic piece of any examination program, and the IT offices at Orel State University are of top notch. You can likewise get to web in the

grounds of Academy and web office is additionally accessible in each inn space for boundless free downloads. Orel Statel University Hostel

Lodging The University is pleased with its cutting edge quarters lodging 1100 individuals Every area has two Cozy rooms,a kitchen, a shower and a washroom . The

lodging for worldwide understudies is Located in the simple focal point of the city 30mtr from the University’s principle building. Inn has very much Equipped Rooms

with every single present day Facility for 3 situated enormous rooms overhauled solaces, focal Heating. Gathering, clothing, cleaning and washing personals, perusing room, PC lobby. Average cost for basic items in Russia can be totally reasonable and can likewise make it an agreeable place to live in.