Vision : To build up a learning focus of scholastic and expert magnificence at a worldwide dimension for satisfying the social, innovative, business and prosperity needs of the general public.

Mission: University represents scholarly, proficient and moral strengthening of the adolescents, the rustic young people specifically, by utilizing the condition of-craftsmanship innovation/frameworks, tried and true and inventive ideas, astounding foundation and universally acclaimed facilitators. It scatters quality instruction in multidisciplinary branches with unique accentuation on research.

Seeking after Ph. D Course?

1. The college entirely pursues the most recent UGC (Minimum standard& Procedures for honor of M. Phil/Ph. D degree Regulations, 2016).

Rundown of 13 criteria according to U.G.C Regulations, 2016



1 Admission through Entrance test and meeting

2 No. of Scholars per director according to U.G.C Guidelines , 2016

3 National/State Reservation arrangement to be pursued

4 Mandatory Six – Months course work for every single enlisted Scholar

5 Four Theory Papers and one PC applications down to earth to be secured amid Pre-Ph.D Six Months Course work. Qualifying Course work Exam

obligatory for continuation in Ph.D Course.

6 Topic and Synopsis endorsement by Research Advisory Committee

7 Six Monthly audit of research work by R.A.C

8 Pre. Ph. D introduction of draft proposal before the R.A.C , which will likewise be available to all Faculty Members and other research researchers

9 Publication of something like two research papers in refereed diaries with Impact factor before proposition accommodation.

10 Presentation of 2 Research papers in gathering/workshops

11 Evaluation of proposition by two specialists other than manager, one out of the state

12 people in general viva – voice of the exploration researcher, if assessment reports are discovered acceptable and furthermore incorporate an explicit suggestion by one analyst for leading the viva – voice.

13 Submission of delicate duplicate in the college, which will forward the equivalent to UGC inside thirty days for facilitating the equivalent in INFLIBNET.

10. Settlement:

The accompanying offices are being given.

(a) Separate lodging offices for young men and young ladies.

(b) Each room is all around outfitted with beds, ponder tables, seats and almirahas.

(c) Common-Room for general exercises like link T.V and indoor diversions.

(d) Wi-Fi grounds.

(e) Cafeteria

The college has the imperative fortitude and is very much outfitted to scope with hey tech prerequisites of the exploration researcher. The college is endeavoring to tie-up and teams up with different Research Laboratories of Govt. what’s more, Semi-Govt. furthermore, delicate product advancement firms, E-assets and enterprises to help and help the understudies in seeking after their required research work. The University conducts work-shops, meetings, classes and symposiums giving chances to explore researchers to presenting them to scholarly Diaspora. The University Teaching Departments have top academicians having doctoral degrees with huge educating and research involvement, who are the enrolled aides of the college.

Science Laboratories :

all around prepared and open Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Pharmacy, Engineering, Para-Medical, Agriculture and Horticulture labs.

PC Labs: cutting edge labs with most recent PCs, programming, LCD, projector and scanner.

Standards for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Eligibility:

An applicant meaning for admission to Ph. D. course more likely than not got the important scholastic qualification(s) from the accompanying:

In any event 55% stamps in the fundamental subject associated subject (or an examination perceived as identical thereto at Master certificate level (SC/ST/OBC Non Creamy-Layer/Physically and outwardly debilitated applicants will be given unwinding of 5% in the base level of imprints)

The applicants seeking after M. Phil. Course or some other course will not be considered for enrolment to Ph. D course, till their seeking after course is finished.

The competitors may apply for admission to Ph. D course whose qualifying result has not been proclaimed. In any case, they should present the duplicate of the DMC of the qualifying examination at the season of meeting, demonstrating that he/she is qualified for admission to Ph. D. course according to rules. The hopefuls having qualified UGC/CSIR-JRF/NET may submit temporary/qualifying testament at the season of meeting.

Inservice candidates will present their application appropriately sent by their boss alongside “No Objection Certificate” from the business. On the off chance that, the competitor joins benefit after the enlistment in Ph. D course, he/she should acquire the earlier authorization of the college subject to satisfaction of conditions required according to rules. He/she , will likewise need to get N.O.C from the business for continuation of his/her Ph.D Course (Part– time). Each applicant amid research in a subject/discipline, where trial work in a lab is required, will need to remain for a base time of two years at University or at University/Institute/Laboratory perceived by the college for indicting the exploration . If there should arise an occurrence of different hopefuls the base time of remain at college will be one year. In extraordinary cases, where there is adequate support for doing as such, the state of least remain at the college might be loose by the President on the proposal of the supervisor(s) and Dean/Head of the establishment/R.A.C Concerned.

The educators utilized in a University/College before 31.03.1992 and are proceeding in administration all the time and are burning of enrolling for the Ph. D Program will be allowed for enrollment, on the off chance that they have at least half stamps at the Master’s Degree course.

The applicants will work for Ph. D degree in a subject learned at the Master’s Degree or partnered subject under a perceived guide. She/he might be allowed with the endorsement of the concerned D.R.A.C to direct research in a subject other than the one decided for the Master’s Degree, if it is of an interdisciplinary nature.

The kindred individuals from the Institute of Chartered Accountants or potentially Institute of Cost and Works Accountants will be viewed as qualified for enrollment for Ph. D in the subject of Accountancy and Actuarial Science in the workforce of trade, if they have a Bachelor’s Degree of any statutory college and have 10 Years Experience. Anyway their application for enlistment in Ph.D must be properly affirmed by the D.R.A.C

1.Applications for research in between disciplinary zones and from candidates having a place with a subject other than the staff of the subject in which the exploration is proposed to be done and from the worldwide understudies [those who have not acquired the degree from Indian Universities] will be considered based on the demonstrated capacity and inclination of the specialist for such sort of research. Such proposition will be analyzed by the Guide and the Head before giving temporary affirmation. The confirmation will be affirmed after the R.A.C favors the point.

2.Above referenced guidelines will likewise be material to the outside understudies who have acquired the Master’s certificate from the statutory Indian Universities/Recognized Foreign Universities.

3.Exceptional capacity Extra standard execution/accomplishment/National honors Winners in any stream can likewise be considered for enlistment as Research Scholar.

Standard Procedures For Pursuing Ph.D


1.The college will inform the quantity of accessible seats for Ph. D degree course in various subjects ahead of time through ad in National/Vernacular papers and the college site on the quantity of accessible personnel Supervisors.

2. The applicants will apply for affirmation on the endorsed frame accessible in the University or can be downloaded from the college site

3.Prepare research proposition of around 4-6 pages as demonstrated in Annexure A

4. The competitors are required to show up for Interview before the Research Advisory board on the date (s) informed by the college alongside research proposition.

5. Ph. D seats will be rounded up out of the hopefuls qualifying the passage test and guiding/Interview arranged by legitimacy. Exception from the passage test will be permitted according to UGC rules. Held seats staying empty will be rounded up out of general class on legitimacy. The date of confirmation will be checked from the date of store of first semester expense. The understudy may present the last proposition in the base three years, which will be checked from the date of

confirmation/the date of Provisional enrollment. In the event that the postulation isn’t finished due to non-accessibility of information or different reason(s), the period can be broadened semester-wise according to prerequisite up to 3 years on the proposals of the examination manage. The ladies competitors and people with inability (over 40% incapacity) might be permitted an unwinding of two additional years ( four semesters ). Ladies applicants might be given maternity leave once in the whole span of Ph.D upto 240 days

The reservation of seats will be appropriate according to Govt. rules.

Passage TEST

1. The University will lead the passageway test on the date(s) advised

by the University.

2.The plan/approach of passage test will be as under:

(a) (b)

(c) (d) (e)

The mode of Examination will be English just (with the exception of dialect subjects Hindi and Sanskrit) Entrance Test Question Paper will involve 100 target type questions ( 50 inquiries on mental capacity and general mindfulness and 50 inquiries on the primary subject and these will must be endeavored on OMR sheet. Each inquiry will convey one stamp. The term of examination will be two hours. The legitimacy of consequence of the passageway test will be for one year from the date of affirmation of result. There will be no arrangement of re-assessment of answer books of the entrance test.
The accompanying classes of competitors will be exempted from passageway test for admission to Ph.D Course :

(I). (ii)


Qualified UGC-JRF/NET, CSIR-JRF/NET, SLET examination in the concerned subject. (Competitors who have gotten M. Phil degree through Distance Education or some other University won’t be exempted from Ph. D Entrance Test.) Candidates having over 12 Years proficient experience.

Distribution OF SUPERVISOR

The Departmental Research warning advisory group (D.R.A.C) will examine the utilization of the chose applicants and assign the boss based on hopefuls legitimacy and region of research.D.R.A.C will comprise of: Dean/Head of the workforce/Department(Convener) All the educators/Associate Professors of the office.

Or on the other hand

Three senior most instructors having Ph. D degree in the event that the quantity of Professors/Associate Professors in the division is under three or required number of instructors isn’t accessible in the office, the Dean of the Faculty may suggest the name(s) of qualified educators from partnered subject (s) from inside the college Teaching Departments as individuals from Research Advisory Committee with the endorsement of the President.

On the off chance that the exploration point is of interdisciplinary in nature, the hopeful with the assent of his guide may decide on a co-control, who ought to likewise be the perceived guide of the college. Anyway the primary obligation of administering research work will vest with the guide and the hopeful will settle and present the proposal through the guide.

The designation of seats with the administrators will be according to number of seats accessible with them in perspective of the accessible lab/framework, specialization among the qualified bosses, and the examination enthusiasm of the understudy as demonstrated amid guiding of the understudy.


1. The course work is mandatory for all understudies. The applicants will be required to attempt determined course work which will be for a base time of one semester or 200 hours (120 hours of scholarly classroom ponders in addition to 80 hours for two assignments comprising of something like 15 to 20 pages, will be viewed as equal to ten hours) and will initiate on the date told by the college. The course work will be treated as pre-Ph D. arrangement.

2. 75% participation for the course work will be mandatory amid the entire semester, be that as it may, 15% participation might be approved by the President on the

proposal of the Head of the office through the Dean of Faculty/R.A.C

1. Prospectus and different subtleties for the course work (Paper setting, lead of examination and assessment and so forth.) will be surrounded/done by Departmental Research Advisory Committee. The course work will contain four papers: on Research Methodology, Quantitative Methods, Research Ethics and Critical survey and Computer Applications.

2. On satisfaction of the state of the participation, the competitor will be required to qualify the course work examination. The Scheme obviously work Examination will be as under:

1. (I) There will be four papers having 100 denotes each as referenced underneath.

1.Research Methodology

2.Quantitative Techniques/Sahitya Sidhant aur Alochana/Critical Theory and Approaches of Lit

3.Computer application ( Theory : 50 Marks : Practical : 50 Marks )

4.Research Ethics and Critical Review

2. (ii) Apart from four papers, the Scholars are required to submit assignments on all the four papers, which will comprise of 50 Marks each and will be properly assessed by the analysts.

3. (iii) The qualifying signs of Theory Papers, Practical and Assignment will be 55%.

(iv) in the event that, an understudy bombs in the Ph. D Course work, he/she will be given one increasingly opportunity to show up in the Examination planned to be held in the following semester of the course work.

Different RULES

1. Charge once paid isn’t refundable regardless.

2. Given that the President will have the ability to drop the confirmation of a competitor, at .whenever, after the issue of a due show-cause see, on disciplinary or whatever other grounds which are viewed as not in consonance with the respect and conduct of an exploration researcher.

3. The understudy will exhibit his/her work at 3 open workshops after his/her enlistment, first course might be held following one year hole from the date of enrollment, second class might be held following a half year from the main workshop. Before accommodation of postulation, third course (pre-accommodation workshop of the understudy will be led simply after a testament given by the Supervisor and Head/Director of the Department/Institute viewing essential time of remain as required under Ph.D. law) The understudy will make introduction of his/her examination work in the Institute/Department, which might be available to all the employees and research understudies, for getting criticism and remarks, which might be reasonably fused into draft theory under guidance of the director.

4. Each applicant will present his/her six month to month advance report (from the date of qualifying the Pre Ph. D Course Work Examination) appropriately prescribed by the Supervisor to the Dean/Head of the Department/Faculty.

for thought in D.R.A.C. On the off chance that the understudy neglects to present the advancement report up to the stipulated informed date the Research warning board of trustees may permit expansion upto a specific period and after the slip by of that period may think about his/her name for crossing out of enlistment in Ph.D.

1.The R.A.C may enable a subject of research to be adjusted up to one year after Permanent enlistment. Minor changes in the wording of the subject of a proposal might be permitted by the D.R.A.C up to a half year before the accommodation of the proposition.

2.In instance of Engineering, Pharmacy, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and so forth understudies will need to experience the required viable preparing at University Laboratories. Notwithstanding, the understudies may work for reasonable preparing in a presumed and all around prepared Lab. properly perceived by the University. The understudies need to look for earlier endorsement of the research facility (ies) worried for this reason and furthermore need to look for endorsement the from University Authorities, who may investigate or may look for appropriately guaranteed lab itemized data.

3.The competitor may join in his/her postulation the substance of any work that he/she may have distributed regarding the matter yet will announce this reality in the theory. In any case, he/she will not submit in his/her postulation for which a degree has been presented on him/her by any college. .

4.Minimum three years time span will be required to present the theory, which will be checked from the date of enrollment. After the slip by of three years time span, if an understudy neglects to present his/her proposition, he/she may apply for augmentation alongside imperative expense for the resulting months, coming up short which his/her enlistment will be dropped. The enlistment will be legitimate for a most extreme time of six years for men and eight years for ladies applicants and people with 40% incapacity.

Accommodation OF THESIS:

1. The hopeful will be permitted to present his/her postulation simply after he/she has done the accompanying exploration exercises:

Distribute one research paper in national diary with effect factor. Distribute one research paper in global diary with effect factor. Present two research papers in meeting/Seminars. The person may outfit the evidence of acknowledgment . The exploration paper being referred to ought to be identified with work revealed in the theory.

2. The applicant will submit four duplicates of his or her proposition, composed at 1.5 spaces with craftsmanship paper official alongside a softcopy (CD) of his or her theory. After finish of the honor of Ph.D. degree, two duplicates of the theory will be sent to the college library and staying two duplicates of the proposal to the departmental library. The proposal ought to be joined by a statement from the hopeful properly countersigned by the manager that the material epitomized in the present work depends on his or her Evaluation inquire about work. The declaration will additionally express the substance of the proposition have not been before submitted to some degree or parts for any degree or recognition of some other organization or college.

1.The Departmental Research Advisory Committee will suggest a board, regularly pros in the field for arrangement as evaluators for postulation. The D.R.A.C will draw a rundown of adequate number of authorities keeping in view their specialization. The experts suggested will be either educators or people of distinction or people holding break even with status and their specialization will be significant to the theme of the proposal. Names of just those people will be prescribed who are known to be physically fit and can attempt an adventure for the direct of viva-voce, whenever welcomed. Given that, if the D.R.A.C feels that the board should comprise of in excess of six names. ‘It might think about extra names.

2. The theory will be at last alluded to two inspectors chosen by the President from the board drawn by D.R.A.C out of which one will be out of state. The evaluator will state purposes behind endorsement or dismissal of the theory. On the off chance that the evaluator suggests resubmission/dismissal, he/she will explicitly demonstrate insights concerning the changes to be joined in the theory by the competitor.

3. On the off chance that the inspectors suggest the honor of degree , they may likewise give in their report. set of inquiries, which they might want to put to the competitor at the season of viva voce . On the off chance that one out of two analysts suggest resubmission with a few changes in the theory, the hopeful will be requested to adjust the postulation and resubmit the equivalent just once, not later than one year, subsequent to having done every one of the alterations with a declaration from the administrator that every one of the adjustments have been done.

4. A resubmitted postulation will be analyzed by the analyst (s) who assessed the genuine proposal. except if any of them can’t or reluctant to do as such, in which case a substitute will be named out of the board by the President. The analyst (s) for the reexamined postulation will just check whether the protests raised by the before inspector have been met or not.

5. An applicant whose theory is rejected will not be enrolled again for Ph. D degree with a similar point.

6. The inspectors for a theory will show in their report whether the proposal is fit for distribution in its unique or changed shape. In the last case, he will make distinct proposals for development.

7. On receipt of agreeable assessment reports, the applicant should introduce himself for the viva-voce examination when settled by the college, falling flat which he will be pronounced ineligible for the.award of degree. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the applicant can’t go to the Viva-Voce on the settled date, for any unavoidable reason, the President on a demand by the competitor in composing with a charge of Rs. 10000/ – or as in power every now and then can permit one time delay of the date up to a most extreme time of three months from the date recently settled by the University falling flat which the applicant will be announced ineligible for the honor of degree.

1.If any Ph. D hopeful shows up for his/her viva-voce examination however flops in oral introduction, in such cases second evaluator might be called for leading the viva-voce examination in the wake of giving three months’ an ideal opportunity to the exploration researcher to set himself up/herself. The report of Viva of second analyst will be taken as last.

2. On the off chance that two inspectors suggest grant of the degree, the competitor will be analyzed through viva-voce examination by one of the analysts, to be

named by the President. In the event that the two inspectors can’t or reluctant to lead the viva-voce examination another name will be grabbed for the reason by the President from the board officially endorsed by the Departmental Research Advisory Committee.

3. The viva-voce examination will be led by the outside inspector and will be held in the concerned office at University except if requested generally by the President. The date, time and the subject of the postulation will be informed to the instructors including the director and the examination researchers of the staff and it will be transparently guarded by the researcher. The nearness of Dean Research as well as Dean of concerned personnel will likewise be vital amid the viva-voce.

4. The reports of the considerable number of inspectors will be set before the President of for his/her thought for honor of

Ph.D. degree.

Store with UGC:

On fruitful finishing of the assessment procedure and declaration of honor of Ph. D degree, the college will present a delicate duplicate of the Ph. D

proposition to the UGC inside a time of thirty days, for posting the equivalent in INFLIBNET, available to all establishments/colleges.

In any case, the President on the proposal of the Departmental Research Advisory Committee will have the privilege to pull back the degree, if

unoriginality or duplication or some other type of negligence is recognized at any stage, and to start further activity as it regards fit. In any case, the

President will get the dissension in the issue explored secretly and will offer the denounced a chance to clarify, before he/she makes

his/her last proposal. There will be no impediment of time for this activity.

Alongside the degree, the college will issue a testament affirming such that the degree has been granted as per the

arrangements of the directions of UGC 2016.

Expense DETAILS:

All expense sum is to be paid either in real money at the University Counter or as interest draft, for UNIVERSITY NAME as it were

The understudies who are account holders of some bank of their city can likewise transmit/store their charge to the college through ‘RTGS/NEFT.

Subtleties of University Account are ;

Draft/charge for University, Payable at area of the college,

to be connected alongside Entrance test frame

First Semester Fee (Course work charge)

Charge to be paid on the advised date in real money/through Demand Draft after

qualifying the Entrance Test and Interview

Second Semester charge

To be paid following a half year of enlistment (After the Scholar qualifies

his course work Examination)

Third Semester Fee

To be paid following one year of enlistment at the time, when initial six

month to month survey meeting is held

Fourth Semester Fee

To be paid following one and half long stretches of enlistment at the time, when

second six month to month survey meeting is held

Fifth Semester Fee

To be paid following two years of enrollment at the time, when third six

month to month audit meeting is held

6th Semester Fee

To be paid following two and half long periods of enlistment at the time, when pre-

accommodation class of the researcher is led.

Viva expense

To be paid at the season of accommodation of conclusive postulation.