General Instructions and course work plan for all Ph.D. understudies

U.G.C has issued crisp Ph.D. direction 2016 known as “College Grants Commission (Minimum standard and strategies for honor of M.Phil. /Ph.D.

Degrees) Regulations, 2016.

You are required to experience the crisp UGC controls in order to familiarize yourself with the most recent standards, rules, techniques and directions as laid

down in “The paper of India”notification with respect to M.Phil. /Ph.D.

Least length will be three years (six semesters) from the date of Registration according to UGC new Regulations July 2016.

Ph.D. course work will be of six Months length and will begin w.e.f August 2018. Course work classes will be led on all working long stretches of

the University.

You are required to go to these classes routinely and promptly. The time table of the classes will be shown on the Notice Board.

Course work classes will keep amid Vacations and Weekends. You are encouraged to go to the classes amid get-aways and ends of the week to redress

your deficit in participation.

Course work will comprise of four Papers

1. Research Methodology

2. Quantitative Techniques/Sahitya Sidhant aur Alochana/Critical Theory and

Methodologies of Lit

3. PC applications

4. Research Ethics and basic audit

The prospectus of these four papers can be gotten from the workplace of the Director (Research) and can likewise be downloaded from the Ph.D. Rules

given on the University site.

Toward the finish of the course work of a half year, the course work examination of the above given four papers will be held in the most recent seven day stretch of January, 2019.

The researchers are required to get at least 55% checks in the course work examination so as to be qualified to proceed in the program and

present the Thesis. The researchers, who qualify the course work examination, will be required to show up before the Research Committee and present their

subject and outline.

The board may affirm/dismiss/correct your subject and/or rundown.

After the last endorsement of your subject and outline by the R.A.C you may continue for your examination work.

1. The researchers are required to set up their theory work before the finish of fifth semester. Before accommodation of theory, the researcher will make a

introduction in the Department before the Research Advisory Committee, which will be available to all the employees and other research researchers.

The input and remarks acquired from them ought to be reasonably joined into postulation in conference with the Research Advisory Committee.

2. Six month to month survey gatherings will be held toward the finish of every semester and every researcher will need to present the advancement report articulating the

inquire about work done amid the first a half year.

3. According to U.G.C controls, 2016, Ph.D. researchers must distribute no less than two research paper in refereed diary and make two paper introductions in

meetings/courses before the accommodation of their proposition for mediation and create proof for the equivalent of introduction endorsements

what’s more,/or reprints.

Note:- 1. On the off chance that the Scholar neglects to present his/her last proposal till the finish of the 6th semester (Two and a half years after ordinary Registration), a

late expense of Rs 10000/ – every month will be charged for the consequent months, subject to the most extreme measure of Rs — – for a half year. The equivalent

charges will proceed for whenever period too, till the accommodation of your last Thesis.

Note:- 2. The charge, when paid in the college, is neither refundable nor customizable regardless/condition at all it might be