Ivanofrankivsk National Medical University

Set up : 1945

Alliance : Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Minister : Mykola ROZHKO

Understudies : 4800

Address : Galytska 2, 76000 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Affiliations : W.H.O,PMDC,MCI,Medical and Dental Council of Europe, Asia,

Africa and a lot more nations

Site : ifnmu.com.ua

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medica University is one of the most seasoned and driving therapeutic higher establishments of Ukraine Founded in 1945. Every year around 796

global understudies from various nations get admitted to the University. All the instructive projects of the University are endorsed by

the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The Ministry of ForeignAffairs of Ukraine the before authorizes degrees and Diplomas issued of

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.

Understudies of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University are qualified to apply for confirmation and licensure in more than 150 nations on the planet

counting : US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, New Zealand,Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, UAE,

Saudi Arabia and so on. USA: Students and alumni of Ivano-FrankivskNational Medical University are qualified to take an interest in the United

States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and get ECFMG confirmation. ECFMG affirmation requires all alumni to have passed USMLE Step 1 and 2

(the two segments) present a last transcript and give a duplicate of thegraduates’ certificate for check. Once ECFMG confirmation is allowed: graduates are qualified for Postgraduate Medical training (ResidencyTraining) in the United States of America. Dark Sea National University

Latin : Chornomorskyi natsionalnyi universytet imeni Petra Mohyly

Type : National, established

Built up : 1996

Minister : Leonid Klymenko

Staff : 375 educators (counting Doctors of Sciences and PhDs)

Understudies : around 4000

Area : 10,68-Desantnykiv Str. Mykolayiv, 54003

ECoordinates : 46°58’17.92?N 32°0’54.52?

01 Petro mohyla dark

ocean national college is top positioned college granted with fourth dimension of accreditation ,most elevated amount accreditation in Ukraine .

02 Petro mohla

dark ocean national college is granted > national college < status ,a symbolof distinction greatness and quality instruction .


is giving world class quality therapeutic instruction and preparing toUkrainians also remote understudies at all dimensions ,lone wolf ,experts,

specializations and PHD .


PBNU is wealthy in scholarly educating staff.


have colossal foundation of scholastic structures , showing healing facilities, Laboratories ,libraries, inns sport edifices.


PBNU is giving happy with lodging to every outside understudy we haveEuropean standard inns setting 2-3 understudies in each stay with joined

washrooms and kitchen The city of Nikolaev is in the south of Ukraine.

It is situated on an awesome landmass, washed by two waterways – the Southern Bug and Ingul. Close to the Black Sea. With a created foundation, its

rich history, positive atmosphere and agreeable individuals.

Ternopil State Medical University

Witticism : Nos in gradu a fronte sumus!

Set up : 1966

Minister : Andriy Krysovatiy

Understudies : 24,000[1]

Area : Ukraine

Established 1957

Personnel About 600 employees (3 academicians of the National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, 85 full educators, in excess of 500 partner

teachers and associate educators)

Understudies 5000

Worldwide Students Over 1500 from 53 nations

Graduated class More than 20000, more than 18000 in Ukraine, about 2000 in other

nations (USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Austria, Norway,UK, some Asian and

African nations)

Library Collection About 600000 volumes

Resources, Departments, and Institutes TSMU is contained five resources, 60 offices and Institute of Nursing

Healing centers University Hospital, University Dental Center and 15 associated local and metropolitan showing doctor’s facilities, 4 functional instructional hubs in

provincial zones.

Ternopil State Medical University is situated in the beautiful focal point of Ternopil in Western Ukraine. It’s an educating and research driven college

with a pleased and rich legacy of scholastic magnificence. TSMU is a main supplier of high caliber instructive medicinal projects for worldwide

understudies. In excess of 1500 global understudies from 53 nations of the world are at present learning at TSMU

The college’s International organizations with in excess of 40 colleges and establishments in Europe, Asia, USA and Canada.

– Murray State University (Kentucky, USA) University of South Carolina Upstate (Spartanburg, USA)

– Clemson University Biomedical Insitute (Clemson, USA) Corbia International (USA)

– MacEwan University (Edmonton, Canada) Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Saskatoon, Canada)

– University of (Regina, Canada) Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (Warsaw, Poland)

– Wroclaw Medical University (Warsaw, Poland) Unversity of Scurity (Poznan, Poland)

– Sulecin County (Sulecin, Poland) Pomeranian University in (Slupsk, Poland)

– Medical University of Silesia (Katowice, Poland) Medical University of Lublic (Lublin, Poland)

– Institute of Rural Health in Lublin Pope John Ii School of Higher Education Biala (Poland)

– Center of oncological analytic and treatment (Poland) Kutnowki Szpital Samorzadowy (Poland)

– University of Bielsko-Biala (Poland) Medline Sp. Z O.O (Zielona Gora, Poland)

– charles University in Praque Slovak Medical University (Slovak Republic)

– Medical University of (Vienna, Austria) Akkon University for Human Science (Berlin, Germany)

– Tbilisi State Medical University (Tbilisi, Georgia) Pirogov Russian National Research Medical

– University (Russia) Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (Russia)

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Latin : Universitatis Medicinalis Leopoliensis

Type : Public

Built up : November 16, 1784

President : Borys Zimenkovsky

Understudies : 5100

Area : Lviv, Ukraine

The historical backdrop of Lviv restorative college returns to 1661, in when Jesuit Collegium in Lviv by the benefit of Polish King Yan Kazimir

procured the status of Academy. It comprised of four offices and the title of the University has been granted. On the sixteenth of November 1784

as indicated by the benefit of the Austrian ruler Josef II, marked on 21

October 1784, Lviv University with the four resources Theology, Philosophy, Law and Medicine was resuscitated. From that point forward Lviv National Medical University

has begun working.

Considering state and global acknowledgment of Universityactivities, its incredible commitment to the advancement of national instruction

what’s more, science, Lviv State Medical University was given the status of National Medical University on the 21st of August 2003 by the President’s

declare No. 872/2003 According to the fourth accreditation level, given by the Ministry of Education in 1996, preparing in Lviv Medical University is

done for the accompanying capability levels: Bachelor, Specialist and Master.

Uzhhorod National University

Witticism : The more we know, the more we can do!

Type : Public

Built up : 1945

Minister Prof. : Volodymyr Smolanka, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Staff : 3000

Understudies : 13600

Area : Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Grounds : Urban

Uzhgorod National University was established on July 19, 1945 as per joint goals of Council of People’s Commissars of Ukrainian SSR

also, Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukrainian SSR. The goals expressed the accompanying: “because of significant interest of social childhood in

Transcarpatian Ukraine and the concern of the Council of Transcarpatian Ukraine, Council of National Commissars of Ukrainian SSR and Central

Board of trustees of Ukrainian Communist Party announce: “to open in 1945 StateUniversity in Uzhhorod with the accompanying resources: history, philology,

science, prescription… “. Preliminary courses were opened first.

On February 1, 1946 the initial 168 understudies from towns and towns of Ukraine started their examinations. The principal resources to open were chronicled,

philological, natural and medicinal. On July 1, 1946 there were 15 divisions with 42 individuals in the instructing staff. In 1946 the Council of

Clergymen of USSR broadcasted that Uzhhorod State University had a place with the main classification of advanced education organizations and from that point forward it has been

administrated by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Soviet Union. Uzhhorod State University achieved assistance from 50 greatest colleges and

scholastic establishments of Ukraine. Logical, specialized, political and sci-fi writing and course books were sent to Uzhhorod from

colleges in Baku, Kazan, Tbilisi and different towns and urban communities of the previous Soviet Union. On October 19, 2000, Uzhhorod State University was

renamed Uzhhorod National University.

The college today comprises of three instructive organizations (Institute of Foreign Languages, Institute of Economics and International Relations,

Organization of Post-and Pre-degree Education), and 14 resources: history, philology, law, sociologies, material science, arithmetic, science, science,

prescription, stomatology, building, geology, physical instruction and game, and Hungarian examinations.

The building lodging the resources of History, Engineering and International RelationsThere are more than 13,000 understudies selected at the

college. A few logical foundations and research centers are housed at the college as well, including the Institute for Solid State Physics and

Science, the Institute of Carpathian Studies, the Research Laboratory of Physical Electronics with the Space Exploration Laboratory, the Center for

Hungarian examinations, and the Research Laboratory of Ecosystem Conservation.

The college works a greenhouse and a mountainside natural research station. Its library gathering has approx 1.5 million volumes.


– Cge of common sciences and humanities 23 instructive logical establishments and resources

– 25 logical research organizations Centers and labs

– 4 historical centers – zoological, archeological, University history, an exhibition hall of old printed books

– A logical library, college grounds The focal point of understudy leisure”Juventus”

– The game complex “Burevisnyk” Botanical Gardens and a vivarium

– The snow capped skiing base “Plishka” and the Alpine (high-mountain) organic base “Kolochava”

– The sanatorium-dispensary “Skalka” The social-mental administration Adental facility

– The “Hoverla” distributing house and the paper “Pohlyad” A media focus

– Administrative and supply monetary segments/departmentsolleTaras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Latin : Universitas Kioviensis

Aphorism : Utilitas respect et gloria” (Latin)

Aphorism : in English Utility Honor and Glory

Type : Public,

Affiliations : IAU, EUA

Set up : 1834 (eighth of November 1833)

Minister : Leonid Huberskyi

staff : 3420,

Understudies : < 30,000

Area : Kyiv, Ukraine,

Grounds : urban

Taras Shevchenko University or authoritatively the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv[2] (Ukrainian: ????????? ???????????? ??????????? ?????

?????? ????????), casually referred to in Ukrainian as KNU (Ukrainian: ????????? ???????????? ??????c???? – ???) is situated in Kiev, the capital

of Ukraine. KNU is positioned inside best 500 Universities in the world.[3] It is the third most established college in Ukraine after the University of Lviv and

College of Kharkiv. Presently, its structure comprises of fifteen resources (scholastic offices) and five establishments. It was established in

1834 as the Kiev Imperial University of Saint Vladimir, and from that point forward it has changed its name a few times. Amid the Soviet Union period, Taras

Shevchenko University was one of the best three colleges in the USSR, alongside Moscow State University and Leningrad State University. It is

positioned as the best college in Ukraine in numerous rankings (see beneath). Since forever, the college has delivered numerous celebrated graduated class

counting Nikolay Bunge, Mykhailo Drahomanov, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Nikolai Berdyaev, Mikhail Bulgakov, Viacheslav Chornovil, Leonid Kravchuk, and numerous

others. Taras Shevchenko himself, restricted from instructive exercises forpolitical reasons, worked for the Kyiv University as a field analyst.

The University Today

Taras Shevchenko University’s unique building, the “Red Building”, today. Taras Shevchenko University is named after Taras Shevchenko, a noteworthy figure

in Ukrainian writing and craftsmanship. It is a foundation of advanced education that trains pros in numerous fields of information and completes

look into. It is viewed as the most esteemed college in Ukraine[4] and a noteworthy focus of cutting edge learning and dynamic reasoning. It

comprises of more resources and divisions, and trains experts in a more prominent number of scholarly fields, than some other Ukrainian instructive

institution.[citation needed]

These days, as it has done since its commencement, the University holds its job of a noteworthy focal point of learning and research and in addition essential social

focus. Its scholastics and understudies pursue the long-standing conventions of the most elevated scholarly models and majority rule standards. At present, the understudy

assemblage of Taras Shevchenko University adds up to about < 30,000 understudies; this number incorporates very nearly 2,000 understudies at the Institute of International

Relations which is connected to Taras Shevchenko University.

As preparing very qualified authorities has dependably been the principle objective, the resources and divisions continually overhaul their educational module and present

new projects. Various resources offer 4-year Bachelor’s and 2-year graduate degree programs, together with conventional 5-year Specialist

Degree programs. As of now, the pressure is on understudy’s capacity to work autonomously and meet business’ prerequisites, in this manner pragmatic experience

in the field being of first significance. The educational module of all Taras Shevchenko University resources depend on the blend of scholarly

guidance with understudy’s exploration work and the blend of exhaustive hypothetical learning with explicit aptitudes. Having gained hypothetical

learning in the first and the second year, in their third year students pick a territory to work in. In the meantime they pick a field for their free investigation, joining elective extraordinary workshops; the aftereffects of research are typically displayed at the gatherings of understudies’ logical social orders or at logical meetings, the most fascinating outcomes are published.[citation needed]

Odessa National Medical University

Type : Government University

Set up : 1900 (Odessa State Medical University)

Minister : V.N. Zaporozhan

Area : Odessa, Ukraine

The establishment began in 1900 as the therapeutic personnel of the Novorossiyskiy State University in Odessa. The medicinal staff before long moved toward becoming

a standout amongst the most esteemed medicinal resources in the Russian Empire. Numerous popular restorative researchers, including Nobel laureate and teacher I. I.

Mechnikov, worked here.

The organization began in 1900 as the restorative personnel of the Novorossiyskiy State University in Odessa. The restorative workforce before long moved toward becoming

a standout amongst the most renowned medicinal resources in the Russian Empire. Numerous well known therapeutic researchers, including Nobel laureate and teacher I. I.

Mechnikov, worked here.

Today, the Odessa National Medical University stays one of the main restorative colleges in Ukraine. It is an individual from the International

Relationship of Medical Universities and the exclusive expectations of preparing at the organization are very much perceived all through Europe and America. The

college comprises of 58 resources and has an understudy populace of more than six thousand, including remote understudies from exceptionally different nations.

Educational cost is given in the Russian, Ukrainian, and English dialects. Grounds and structures

There are 43 clinical divisions in the college, situated at 63 medicinal and prophylactic organizations in Odessa and Odessa locale. All the

divisions of the college have their own Internet website. The site contains all fundamental methodological materials on every one of the controls in

the Ukrainian, Russian and English. An electronic inventory of the entire store of books and diaries (more than 700 thousand titles) and also an electronic

reserve of the course books have been made at the college library. An on-line access to electronic assets has been given. A Center of

Separation Education has been made for powerful and continuous expert advancement of specialists and pharmaceutics. The college has

made every one of the conditions fundamental for dynamic understudies’ relaxation. There are six games lobbies at the college sport complex: for games amusements,

table tennis, high impact exercise and cadenced tumbling, taking care of business, rec center and olympic style events corridor. There are a few game gatherings: games, b-ball, handball, tennis, control lifting, weight sports, swimming, fencing, indoor soccer, judo, sambo, chess. Lodgings furnish understudies with games grounds and rec centers. The understudies’ games and fitnesscomplex is arranged on the domain of Lustdorf at the Black Sea drift. There additionally exists the focal point of understudies’ innovative work which is designated “VITA” at the college . Thirty innovative gatherings of various sorts work effectively.

in this inside (the vocal studio “Agreement”, the band of present day and assortment moving “Exprompt”, the band of people singing and moving, and so on.) and join together

around 250 understudies. 2500 understudies live in 5 hostels.Donetsk National Medical University

Set up : 1930

Minister : Professor Dumanskiy Yuriy Vacilivich

Understudies : 4200

Area : Lyman, Ukraine

Donetsk National Medical University positions first among Ukrainian restorative colleges always since 2001 till 2015 as per the rating of

Service of Health and Ministry of Education of Ukraine

Kirovohrad Medical Institute (Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU») is perceived by the Indian Medical Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental

Committee, European Council of Medicine and General Medical Council (restricted Registration) of UK.

Kirovohrad Medical Institute (Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU») has a joint investigates and association relations with numerous Scientific

Foundations of previous USSR and everywhere throughout the world, for example, The Poland Medical Academy, The Cambridge University, The Virden University, Clinics

of Urgent Medicine in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Israel.Medical focal point of Cardiff (England), Medical Center in Sent-Etien (France), New York

Therapeutic Center, Ukrainian Medical Society in Canada and Austria.

Amid the most recent years our laborers have had a chance to work abroad as experts and instructors in the Universities of USA, Yemen, Germany, UK

and so on. Kirovohrad Medical Institute (Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU») is glad for its researchers whose commitment to the world Medi

Kirovohrad Medical Institute (M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU») works effectively for exchange of understudies from other European

colleges to DNMU and from DNMU to different colleges of Europe and America. Exchanges to other European colleges are made by the

Bologna process. Kirovohrad Medical Institute (M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU») participates with just about 160 unique

Colleges of the distinctive nations. Among them there are the colleges of CIS, Europe, Canada, USA and with some Arabic nations.

At the Kirovohrad Medical Institute (M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU») there are eight resources including – preliminary

workforce for outside understudies:

– Medicine

– Pediatrics

– Dentistry

– Pharmacy

– Nursing

– Public Health

– Post-Graduate Education

– Preparatory Department