Russia, everyone knows about it. It is one of the most popular destinations for international students for pursuing MBBS right back from the Soviet Era. Among Top 100 of the Medical Colleges/Universities according to WHO’s “Directory of World Medical Schools,” Russia occupies almost 30 of them.

Passing from these colleges is been a dream for many, and many of the pass outs from these Russian colleges and universities are working in the top leading hospitals around the globe.

Now the question arises, why international students choose Russia as a preferred choice for their MBSS study?

Well, the answer to this pretty simple, one of the major reasons to choose your MBBS Study in Russia is the fee structure which is highly subsidized by the Russian Ministry of Health & Education which you compare with western countries is very reasonable.

Secondly, the high quality of education one receives which when combined with this low cost is considered to be the reason behind the international students choosing Russia as their international destination to Study MBBS. Thirdly there are 12 different universities in Russia that provide the quality of education in the English medium which is comfortable and is the first choice for international students to study and helps them make their decision much easier.

There has been a tenfold increase in the number of international students who are traveling to Russia for MBBS. The universities of Russia are very well recognized by the WHO and the Medical Councils of different leading countries like the USA, UK, and middle-east, etc.

Points to keep in mind for taking Admission in MBBS in Russia:

  • Students from all over the world can take direct admission for MBBS in Russia without any entrance exam.
  • MBBS fee is very low because the Russian government provides subsidies for education. The average fee for education in Russia is 2.5 to 5 lakhs per year.
  • A student who gets education from a Russian university who is listed by WHO can practice anywhere around the world including India.
  • These Russian Universities provides fully furnished hostel facility inside the university campus with fresh and quality food.
  • MBBS students can get scholarships also if they are eligible for the scholarship criteria.
  • Students get an MCI screening test during the medical course and professors are well aware of the MCI screening test.
  • Medical courses are taught in both English and Russian languages so it is flexible for both the international and local students for getting the tuition in their preferred language. Students who opt for English also get the option to learn the Russian language, as this is an advantage for the students as they can make communication with the patients during the time with patients in the hospitals.

Benefits of MBBS in Russia

Some of these benefits we might have discussed above and some other benefits are:

  1. Easy Admission Procedure
  2. Low & Subsidized course Fee
  3. No Entrance Exam and No Donations
  4. MCI Screening Test training is provided with excellent results and only the Russian education system provides MCI coaching in Russian Medical universities
  5. No Visa issues, 100% visa guaranteed
  6. All the universities are Government Universities of Russia which are listed by WHO
  7. These Universities provide the European Living Standards to international students.
  8. Most of these universities have the Indian Canteen available for the Indian and other students.

The MBBS degree is valid all over the world and the students passing these universities are eligible to practice anywhere in the world which includes India. Now what you have been looking for in the whole article is,

The Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia

  • A student must be over 18 years
  • A student applying for the MBBS in Russia must be having at least 50% in their 12th standard with the Science stream which includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In CBSE or ICSE or any other equivalent board.
  • According to the latest notification by MCI (Medical Council of India-Board of Governors), Indian medical aspirants who are planning to enroll in the Foreign Medical Universities need to qualify NEET.

These are some Top Universities for MBBS Study in Russia

  1. Tver State Medical University
  2. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  3. Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University
  4. Orenburg State Medical University
  5. Bashkir State Medical University
  6. Kuban State Medical University
  7. Smolensk State Medical University
  8. Syktyvkar State University
  9. Mari State University
  10. Altai State Medical University
  11. Dagestan State Medical University
  12. Siberian State Medical University
  13. Far Eastern Federal University
  14. Lomonosov Moscow State University
  15. Kazan Federal University
  16. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)
  17. South Ural State University (School of Medicine)
  18. Saratov State Medical University
  19. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
  20. Kursk state medical University
  21. Kazan state medical university
  22. Ryazan State Medical University
  23. Crimea Federal University
  24. Northern State Medical University
  25. Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University
  26. Volgograd State Medical University
  27. Perm State Medical University
  28. OMSK State Medical University

Fee Structure for MBBS in Russia

Well, the Course Fee structure for every college or University which is listed above has their own fee structure. But, here what is common is the fee structure for all the university roll around $30’000 which equals Re21,36,450 Indian Rupee, which includes the basic Hostel Fee, Medical Insurance Fee, and Tuition Fee. 

Advice for Students 

The student, who is studying for MBBS in Russia, faces one of the major concerns that are the cost of living of the student living in Russia which they go through and experience. Well, no need to panic with the help of this article you can clear all your doubts.

Financial Advice that Student can take

Well, we are obviously talking about the living expenses while studying in Russia. On average, the living expense of a student generally cost around $150 per month which is around Rs. 10,500 Indian Rupee per month. This is an average amount that a student usually pays for their food and other expenses.

Well, the cost of living can vary according to the expenses a student does and the lifestyle of the student it can also go up to $200/month to $250/month.

Financial Advice for Parents- as they need it more than a student

All parents sending their kids outside the country for higher studies should be well aware of the fee structure of the universities or colleges they will be studying in. Fees like Hostel Fee, Tuition Fee, Food Charges, and other expenses.

The fee for the top Russian medical colleges which are government colleges are very much affordable as the fee for medical education in Russia is 70% subsidized according to the Russian Government. It also makes the fees of Top Government Colleges lesser than other Medical Colleges in Russia.

On average, the cost of doing MBBS in Russia is around $4500 per year including all the expenses of the individual student, which is very affordable as compared to pursue MBBS in India’s private medical college.

Parents don’t need to panic as such about the course fee or any other expense as it’s all covered in the above figure.

Concluding the above Article

Now, what you need to travel to Russia and get enrolled in MBBS in one of the top universities.

Documents that you need to carry all the time till you get enrolled in the Russian Medical Universities.

  1. Original Passport with visa
  2. Original documents of qualification including certificates of Class 11th and 12th PLUS their apostilled copies
  3. Medical report with HIV report
  4. Other medical certificates – authorized by concerned personnel
  5. Admission letter from the University
  6. Currency converted into the locally accepted currency – Russian Ruble or Dollars
  7. Additional 3-4 photocopies of all qualification documents for safekeeping
  8. 30-40 colored passport size photographs
  9. Apart from these, it is highly recommended that the students carry their stock of personal items for dental care, personal hygiene, and grooming and first-aid kit including general medications for fever, pain, and seasonal allergies.

MBBS is much easier to do if you pursue it from Russia, you can save your money, on the other hand, you can practice all over the world in the top leading hospitals in some of the leading countries like UK, Australia, United States of America, Europe Region and India. I hope you find out what you were looking for in this article. “Best of luck”.